Arctic Bandanas

American-made body cooling products include neck ties and wraps from Artic Bandana, Kool Off, IceSkulz, and more. Perfect cooling rehab for those who garden, bike, play tennis or golf, go hiking/fishing, or have careers outdoors.

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The Arctic Bandana Cool Tie is a very effective neck cooling bandana. They are about 38 inches long and can be used as a neck cooler or as a cooling headband. A real must for golfing, tennis, biking, gardening, hiking, fishing and more. They are reusable hundreds of times and to activate and get ready for use, just soak in water for about 25 minutes. For extra cooling, they may be refrigerated.

Our Arctic Bandanas are also known by other names including: cooling neck scarf, neck coolers, body coolers, cool collars, kool ties, cool ties, cooling neck wrap, neck cooling scarf and more.

How to use our Neck Coolers:
Soak your Arctic Bandana for about 25 minutes and the coolant absorbs water and swells up giving the cooling area a "full look". The neck cooler will keep you nice and cool

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  1. Arctic Bandana-Multi Camo
  2. Arctic Bandana-Antiqued US Flag
  3. Arctic Bandana-Black Paisley
  4. Arctic Bandana-Stars & Stripes
  5. Arctic Bandana-Red Paisley
  6. Arctic Bandana-Navy Paisley Neck Cooler
  7. Arctic Bandana-Digital Green Camo
  8. Arctic Bandana-Black
    Arctic Bandana-Black sku: 113:113-1030
  9. Arctic Bandana-Neon Safety Orange
  10. Arctic Bandana-Navy Blue
  11. Arctic Bandana-Purple
    Arctic Bandana-Purple sku: 113:113-1035
  12. Arctic Bandana-Green
    Arctic Bandana-Green sku: 113:113-1036
  13. Arctic Bandana-Royal Blue
  14. Arctic Bandana-Yellow
    Arctic Bandana-Yellow sku: 113:113-1038
  15. Arctic Bandana-Tan/Khaki
  16. Arctic Bandana-Light Grey
  17. Arctic Bandana-Light Pink
  18. Arctic Bandana-Chocolate Brown
  19. Arctic Bandana-Burnt Orange
  20. Arctic Bandana-Hunter Green
  21. Arctic Bandana-Holly Green
  22. Arctic Bandana-Dark Grey
  23. Arctic Bandana-Woodland Camo #2
  24. Arctic Bandana-Sky Blue
    Arctic Bandana-Sky Blue sku: 113:113-1134
  25. Arctic Bandana-Red Wine
    Arctic Bandana-Red Wine sku: 113:113-1135
  26. Arctic Bandana-Scrub Green
  27. Arctic Bandana-Woodland Camo #3
  28. Arctic Bandana-Hot Rod Flames
  29. Arctic Bandana-Golf
    Arctic Bandana-Golf sku: 113:113-2213
  30. Arctic Bandana-Indian Jewelry Coral
  31. Arctic Bandana-Tossed Flip Flops
  32. Arctic Bandana-Green & Blue Plaid
  33. Arctic Bandana-Blazing Bandana Lime
  34. Arctic Bandana-Blazing Bandana Orange

58 items

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