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Arctic Bandanas & Kool Off Skull Caps

The Arctic Bandana Cool Tie (Cool Ties & Neck Coolers) is a very effective neck cooling bandana.  They are about 38 inches long and can be used as a neck cooler or as a cooling headband.  A real must for golfing, tennis, biking, gardening, hiking, fishing and more.  They are reusable hundreds of times and to activate and get ready for use,  just soak  in water for about 25 minutes. For extra cooling, they may be refrigerated.
Our Arctic Bandanas are also known by other names including: cooling neck scarf, neck coolers, body coolers, cool collars, kool ties, cool ties, cooling neck wrap, neck cooling scarf and more.
How to use our Neck Coolers
Soak your Arctic Bandana for about 25 minutes and the coolant absorbs water and swells up giving the cooling area a "full look".   The neck cooler will keep you nice and cool

KOOL OFF products are personal cooling products designed to reduce core body temperatures fast, thus helping to prevent heat stress at work and play. Each KOOL OFF product contains safe, water absorbing polymer crystals to give hours of cooling relief from hot temperatures. To activate the hundreds of cooling polymer crystals, just soak the KOOL OFF item in water for about twenty minutes. Through evaporation and air circulation it will stay cool for hours. To re-activate the coolant, just soak it again. KOOL OFF products can be used hundreds of times. So "KOOL OFF" when it gets hot! 

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