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Banded Bouffants

No more sweat in your eyes during long hours of surgery! These banded bouffants are the most comfortable bouffant caps ever made! Our  BANDED BOUFFANT Surgical Caps are a hybrid of the standard surgical cap and the "old style" bouffant. It is a bouffant cap with a flat headband in the front of the cap. The band includes a super absorbent terrycloth sweatband which makes this cap much more comfortable than the "old style" bouffant caps. They have just the right amount of elastic to be comfortable, but not too tight. There are also ties on this cap so that you can "snug it up" if you want it tighter  And, there is  a mini "belt loop" in the back of the cap that the ties go through.  This loop keeps your hair from getting caught in the knot if you choose to tie the cap.  And, you can loop the ties under the cap at the base of your neck and around to the top of the back to form a pouch for extra long hair and pony tails.  If you don't want to use the ties,  the ties will lay straight down  your back.  These are  very comfortable caps, made with you in mind!  One size fits most. 

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