Disposable Surgical Caps

Our most popular surgical cap, the BANDED BOUFFANT is now available as a disposable cap. This disposable cap is made from a sturdy yet lightweight non-woven polypropylene material.

The Banded Bouffant has a flat headband to make them extremely comfortable and won't crinkle your hair. It has just the right amount of elastic to be comfortable, but not too tight. And, there are ties on this cap so you can "snug it up" if you want it tighter. This cap is very comfortable and is made with you in mind ! One size fits most. You will not want to throw them away!
We also now offer a regular men's style disposable surgical cap that can also be used for ladies with short hair.
These are sold 25 caps per bag.
Below are 2 ways to wear these caps, with it full in the back or tied to hold a ponytail. Note: The dark royal blue color in these four samples is not currently available.

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