Specialty Banded Bouffant-Purple Dragonfly Patch on Black

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Approximate dimensions for Banded Bouffant Medical Caps (dimensions for your individual cap may vary):

  • While lying flat, approximately 12 inches in diameter. 
  • Approximately 24 inches in circumference.
  • Super absorbent sweatband sewn in front for comfort.
  • Elasticized back and ties in the back to vary the look.
  • This hat can be worn two ways: Tied loosely in back or Tied up a ponytail.

Overview on Banded Bouffant Medical Caps:

  • One size fits most.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA.
  • Comfortable, durable, breathable, washable and 100% cotton fabric.
  • Best suited for medium to long hair.
  • Absorbent sweatband sewn in for an extra layer of comfort and protection while you work.
  • Stops sweat from dripping down your forehead during long hours of surgery.
  • Fashion fabrics and patterns available.
  • Create custom medical and skull caps with your company logos!  Contact Sparkling Earth today for more information!
  • Since 1991, Sparkling Earth, has been leading the industry, innovating, designing and manufacturing products in Phoenix, Arizona. 

If you would like a different look, please check out some of Sparkling Earth’s other medical/surgical caps such as the Medical Scrub Caps (210), Riley Comfort Cap (218), Surgical Skull Cap (224), or the Big Hair Surgical (815) to name a few.

Style 214 – Banded Bouffant Medical Caps

Proudly made in the USA!

Sparkling Earth’s Banded Bouffant Medical Caps come with flat bands at front, roomy interiors and built-in comfort fit sweatbands.  Banded Bouffant Medical Caps can be tied loosely with a bow in back or tied up into a ponytail.  Keep your brow comfortable with our built-in sweatband and keep your hair from interfering with your work.  Banded Bouffant Medical Caps are designed & manufactured in the USA and are one of our best-selling medical cap styles.  Comfortable 100% cotton Banded Bouffant Medical Caps come in a variety solids and patterns that are breathable and washable for easy care.

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