Specialty Surgical Skull Cap-Red Caduceus Patch on Black


Approximate dimensions for Surgical Skull Caps (dimensions for your individual cap may vary):

  • 7 inches high from the middle of the hat to the top.
  • 10.5 inches front to back.
  • 21 inches from side to side not including the ties.
  • 40 inches all the way around to the end of each tie.
  • Approximately 4 inches of elastic in the back to create a better fit.
  • Ties in the back to adjust as necessary.

 Overview on Surgical Skull Caps:

  • One size fits most.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA.
  • Comfortable, durable, breathable, washable and 100% cotton fabric.
  • Best suited for short hair.
  • Absorbent sweatband sewn in for an extra layer of comfort and protection while you work.
  • Stops sweat from dripping down your forehead during long hours of surgery.
  • Fashion fabrics and patterns available.
  • Create custom medical and skull caps with your company logos!  Contact Sparkling Earth today for more information!
  • Since 1991, Sparkling Earth, has been leading the industry, innovating, designing products in Phoenix, Arizona. 

If you would like a different look, please check out some of our other medical/surgical caps such as the Medical Scrub Caps (210), Riley Comfort Cap (218), Banded Bouffant (214) or the Big Hair Surgical (815) to name a few.

Style 224 – Surgical Skull Cap

Proudly made in the USA!

Sparkling Earth‘s Surgical Skull Caps have a comfort sweatband, elasticized back and ties for an adjustable fit.   Surgical Skull Caps fit closely to the head, have elastic in back and ties to adjust your fit.  Surgical Skull Caps were built with the medical professional in mind comes in a variety of 100% cotton solids and patterns that are breathable and easy to care for.  Show your personal style with our comfortable and stylish USA designed and manufactured Sparkling Earth Surgical Skull Caps.

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