Create Wholesale Customer Account

Sparkling Earth Wholesaler Program

Receive savings on our wholesale stock of skull caps, surgical caps, headwraps, and more.

Sparkling Earth offers wholesale pricing for anyone looking to offer our unique products at retail locations or as a distributor to retail customers. We’ve built lasting relationships with hospitals, gift shops, medical uniform stores, motorcycle shops, and many other wholesale customers throughout the world. If you have a marketplace to resell our products, then this wholesale program is for you!

Our best-selling items include disposable scrub caps, medical caps, skull caps, and much more. We offer a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles. By becoming a wholesale customer, you get exclusive access to lower pricing every time you buy.

What you need to register and maintain wholesale status:

  • 24 item minimum purchase (not limited to any one color or style)

  • Intent to resell products in your marketplaces.

  • Resale tax identification number or VAT number.

There is much to love about becoming a reseller of Sparkling Earth’s products. We can’t wait to have you as a wholesaler of our medical caps, surgical scrub caps, disposable scrub caps, skull caps and more. Please contact us at 623-780-9674 x 101 if you have any questions about the registration process or need any additional help.